Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well everyone I made it through 2010 even though it really really sucked!  I have to say the last 3 years have been really bad for me.  But that is in the past now.  I am moving onwards and upwards.  I did not get a "Big Fat Check" from Santa in my stocking but my husband did buy me new carry-on luggage for my flight.  It has the 4 spinning wheels.  I may exchange it as it is just a plain black bag and well if you know me it needs to have some type of color or bling on it.  I found one on that I like in pink.  I'm going to think about it for a bit.  I hope you are all keeping your fingers crossed and are sending up prayers for me still.  I have one more avenue to try to get funding for my surgery and God willing it is actually going to work this time.  The year 2011 is going to bring me a new life, new health, new clothes, new hope, profound faith and most of all healing. 

I will be spending most of the day packing away the Christmas decorations and will check in to Obesity Help and my YouTube friends during my breaks. 

With Love and Laughter,
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