What To Eat Pre-Op

Let me preface by stating I still have not had surgery with Dr. Alvarez...yet.  Buy his book "Successful Weight Loss WithThe Gastric Sleeve"! It is excellent!  Go buy it at http://www.thegastricsleeve.com/ !  In his book he gives a list of foods that he prescribes for his patients to eat/drink prior to surgery. Of course please consult your own surgeon's guidelines. Here is a list as described in his book of an example of the pre-op diet:
  • Black Coffee
  • Tea/Iced Tea
  • Low or no sugar fruit juice
  • Sugar free jello
  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Sports drinks
  • Crystal Light
  • Low Carb Slim-Fast Shakes
  • Atkins Advantage Shakes
  • Beef, Vegetable and Chicken Broths
  • Propel flavored water
  • Any 100% Whey protein powder mixed with water or skim milk
  • Sugar Free Popsicles
  • Sugar Free Kool-Aid, Tang, etc.
  • Sugar Free Carnation Instant Breakfast made with Skim Milk
  • Fat Free Cream Soup made with Skim Milk
The length of your pre-op diet depends on your BMI and the wishes of your surgeon.  From the information I have found from other patients of other surgeons it appears that the pre-op diet is basically the same with the exception of a few surgeons who just have you do a low carb diet as opposed to a liquid diet.
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