Monday, January 4, 2016

The journey and the struggles are NEVER over! I'm learning daily what I can and cannot do, what I can and cannot eat. Triggers and consequences. I thought I was ok with the weight I put back on but once I opened the gates the old habits came pouring back in! SOO...super excited to be taking the excess weight off AGAIN! I have a love for exercise this time around and if the Lords willing and the stars align I'll get my miracle skin removal surgery which will help! GREATLY! Onward and upward! Life is to short to dwell on the negatives! So....SUGAR AND STARBUCKS WILL BE GONE! Carb free in this house! Of course there is a possibility one or two might creep back in. Just will have to modify what I get. Sugar free! Sugar Free! Sugar Free!!!!!
I'm currently having a few health issues. Nothing serious or life threatening just Thyroid issues and my "ex" Doctor ignoring my symptoms and pretty much telling me I'm CRAZY! I'm like I don't have a medical degree but I've lived in my body for a few years and I have google! Don't tell me I'm crazy! Prove me wrong! She still refused to do a full thyroid panel! So I fired her! So looking for another new doctor which finding anyone who is familiar with gastric surgery/vitamin deficiencies and MS has been a NIGHTMARE! Let's see..oh yeah! Updates! I was diagnosed with MS(multiple sclerosis) in December 2014. I function almost normal except my balance is messed up! The excess skin DOES NOT HELP! On April 18, 2015 (my birthday)I ran my first 5k! That was actually incredible! Granted I didn't train for it and my husband left me eating his dirt and I walked and ran! But I DID
IT!!! MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT in more ways than one! What else has been going on? Looking for a job, cleaning out my life clutter and relying heavily on God's Grace to see me through it all! Promise to keep blog updated and get back to YouTube videos! Been gone and absent too long! The fight is NEVER over! Keep fighting the good fight!!!!
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