Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm stuck in a "Catch 22"! I gained a bit of weight back. I really like how my face looks with the extra weight but with the gaining of the weight the excess skin also fills back up and now it looks like I have...never mind, I'm not going there. But not that I gained a ton of weight only 15 lbs. but my face looks soo much better! I'm thinking that the only way to avoid the odd skin is to lose the weight again and have my face look skeletal because I cannot afford plastics! I love my new body! I'm in a size 10 and I believe minus the skin probably an 8! Never in my life have I been this size! So....if any of you can tell me how to get insurance to pay for Brachiolplasty and a lower body lift/tummy tuck and boob job let me know!
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