Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where have I been?

Hey all!  Most of my updates are probably going to be on YouTube for now.  I have so many blogs that I maintain and this one like the others seems to be neglected.  I will try to keep it up to date but if you don't see anything posted in awhile go check out my YouTube channel.  Thanks.

In the meantime, I am back from surgery!  I am 3 weeks post-op and I am down 37.8 lbs.  I lost a whopping 4.2 something lbs. last week,  I will take it! 

I have had a few problems with eating.  Certain foods just do not go down well.  Popcicles!  They will not go down well at all.  Kinda sucks because I really needed them post-op.  Another food is mashed potatoes, they just sit like bricks.  Chicken that is moist is no problem.  Egg salad does not sit well, egg cheese and deli omlets go down fine.  I was able to have like a nibble or two of cake at my grandmothers 90th birthday.  I have a huge problem with beverages!  I was a huge "Diet Coke" addict!  I would drink 6-12 cans per day!  However I haven't had a diet coke since I started my pre-op diet back in January.  I am sick of Crystal Light, Wylers and all the flavored waters.  I had no problems with them pre-op but now they just taste horrible.  I'm tired of iced tea and I don't like plain water.  I don't know what else to drink.   I would love any and all suggestions.
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